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How Can I Use Microsoft Teams Screen Sharing? Examine This Short Guide

<p>The work-from-home trend has gained traction these days as a result of corporate businesses fostering a hybrid work culture. Employers may benefit from increased production, but team members may find it challenging to coordinate with one another. If every team member has the ability to communicate with the others when necessary, this problem can be overcome. One such program that offers a platform for connecting with individuals at any time and from any location is Microsoft Teams.</p>
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<p>It is an effective technology that enables video calls between coworkers. Through Microsoft Teams, users may share files and essential notes in addition to interacting with one another. With this platform, you may also share the screen of your computer with other colleagues.</p>
<p>Whether you’re presenting a PowerPoint, working on a group project, or showing a paper, this tool will undoubtedly enhance cooperation and communication. To enable other participants to utilize the screen sharing capability, the meeting administrator must enable it from the settings.</p>
<p><strong>Here’s how to use Microsoft Teams to share your whole computer screen step-by-step:</strong></p>
<p>Launch the Microsoft Teams software on your laptop or desktop, then get into a meeting.</p>
<p>Select the ‘Share’ icon, represented by two overlapping squares, from the meeting control bar that slides up or down the window.</p>
<p>Select the “Desktop” option from the following menu.</p>
<p>You may also choose which monitor to share if you have many monitors connected to the system.</p>
<p>Once everything has been completed, choose “Start Sharing.”</p>
<p><strong>To share a specific window on Microsoft Teams, do these actions:</strong></p>
<p>Select the Sharing option from the meeting control bar.</p>
<p>Next, choose “Window” from the list.</p>
<p>Choose the window that you want to share with other people.</p>
<p>Select “Start Sharing” to make it active.</p>
<p><strong>How to Distribute a PowerPoint Presentation?</strong></p>
<p>Select the PowerPoint option from the sharing menu.</p>
<p>Navigate to the Browse option to choose the PowerPoint file.</p>
<p>Select how you want to distribute the presentation from the option that appears (all slides or any individual one).</p>
<p>In Microsoft Teams, users must choose the whiteboard sharing option from the sharing menu. By tapping the “Share” button once again, screen sharing may be terminated at any moment.</p>

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