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Watch Shark Tank India 3 as Ritesh Agarwal steals the show and Aman Gupta falls in love with THIS coffee brand.

<p>Shark Tank India 3: One of the well-liked programs that has been drawing notice on Indian television is the renowned business show Shark Tank India 3. In the most recent Shark Tank episode, a coffee company presented the Sharks with some creative ideas. In the most recent Shark Tank India episode, there were new coffee flavors that weren’t available in India before. The revelation made by OYO CEO “Shark” Ritesh Agarwal that it was his first time tasting coffee, however, was shocking. Follow along by reading.</p>
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<p>Sharks Peyush Bansal and Vineeta Make Fun of Coffee Brand Entrepreneurs<br />
The two business owners first requested Rs 60 lakhs for a 2% stock stake in the firm later in the episode. After some time, Peyush Bansal and “Shark” Vineeta made fun of the Coffee brand, which prided itself on producing premium coffee as opposed to instant coffee. Peyush went on to question the business owners on the rationale for their claim that their coffee is superior to other brands. Numerous coffee businesses have taken the lead in the market across various categories, including specialty coffee.</p>
<p>Shark After entrepreneurs spent the money they raised, Vineeta and Peyush were shocked.<br />
When it got to the business side, Peyush Bansal queried the entrepreneurs about their successful approach in a cutthroat coffee industry, but Peyush disagreed. Subsequently, Peyush brought up another feature of their product distinction, but the judges didn’t appear to be impressed. Additionally, he said that their SKUs would prevent them from competing in the long term. On the other side, Vineeta also poked fun of the business owners for squandering the majority of the funds the firm had previously raised and for running a Rs. 10 lakh deficit.</p>
<p>Sharks Peyush Bansal, Aman Gupta, and Vineeta reject the pitch from the specialty coffee brand<br />
While the majority of Shark Tank judges rejected the speciality coffee brand’s offer. Aman Gupta withdrew from the offer as well, but he gave the young entrepreneurs advice to concentrate on marketing their flagship product first and then include other items. Ritesh Agarwal, on the other hand, expressed his support for the company owners and said that while things may slow down and their orders may decrease, they won’t go out of business.</p>
<p>Shark Ritesh Agarwal Offers Specialty Coffee Brand Hope<br />
When Ritesh Agarwal made his offer, he was offering Rs 35 lakh, or 2.33 percent of the company’s stock, plus an extra Rs 25 lakh in loan with a three-year interest rate of 10%. The greatest part was that the two business owners accepted the speciality coffee brand’s offer, referred to them as “baazigar,” and asked them to teach him how to make coffee.</p>

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