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Details Inside: Ducati Unveils New Scrambler Accessory Line

<p>In September 2023, the Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati debuted a new range of Scramblers in the Indian market.</p>
<p>The firm offers Nightshift, Throttle, and Icon, the second generation, for sale in India.</p>
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<p>Recently, Ducati revealed a new range of accessories for scramblers. Consumers may visit a local dealership to have these new items put on their Scrambler bikes, according to HT Auto.</p>
<p><strong>Here is a brief summary of the accessories that Ducati has released.</strong></p>
<p><strong>Termignoni street-legal silencer:</strong> For the majority of individuals, a new exhaust system will be the first and most crucial addition. Ducati has introduced the Termignoni, a street-legal silencer. It has an end cap made of carbon fiber and a sleeve painted black. The motorcycle’s overall appearance as well as the exhaust noise should both be enhanced by the silencer.</p>
<p><strong>Ducati Quick Shift:</strong> The quick-shifter is known as Ducati Quick Shift by the manufacturer. When purchasing the Full Throttle version, it comes standard. Customers may still choose it, however, since it lets them swap gears without releasing the clutch or shutting the throttle.</p>
<p><strong>Spoked wheels:</strong> The bikes have factory alloy wheels even though they are scramblers. The advantage of tubeless tires is the reason behind this.<br />
Nonetheless, some individuals still like the classic style and adaptability of spoked rims. For this reason, Ducati provides aluminum spoked rims as an add-on. The buyer does not need to buy new tires since the proportions match those of the alloy wheels. He or she may just utilize the motorcycle’s stock tires instead.</p>
<p><strong>Software for turn-by-turn navigation:</strong> A new feature of the Ducati Multimedia System is turn-by-turn navigation. The Ducati Link App may be used to connect it, after which the user can get navigation instructions on the screen.</p>
<p><strong>Aluminum kit for Ducati from Rizoma:</strong> Ducati and Rizoma have joined forces to provide the Scrambler bikes with precisely machined aluminum parts. Footrests, handlebar levers, handlebar counterweights, and a fuel cap with CNC machining are all included in the set.</p>
<p>Additional accessories, such as LED turn indicators constructed of billet aluminum, are also offered. An aluminum under-pan protecting plate may be used in conjunction with a big speed breaker or off-roading to help protect the engine’s bottom part. Rear-view mirrors and high-license plate holders are examples of Ducati accessories.</p>
<p>The 2024 accessory list places a strong focus on portability, usefulness, and a profound respect for the heritage of the Scrambler. Every accessory, such as the under-pan guard that keeps dirt out of the engine and the high license plate holder that gives a bold touch to the rear, is made with the rider in mind.</p>

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