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“You should go back as the Test match is on,” Mom advised from her hospital bed. Ashwin, an Indian spinner,

<p>Chitra Ravichandran was fading in and out of consciousness as she lay in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a Chennai hospital. When she saw her son Ravichandran Ashwin at her bedside, she asked him one simple question: “Why did you come?”</p>
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<p>After learning that his mother had been hospitalized after a blackout, Ashwin hurried back to his Chennai home during the third game against England in Rajkot, just hours after becoming the second Indian bowler after Anil Kumble to reach 500 Test wickets.</p>
<p>“My mother was fading in and out of consciousness when I arrived at the hospital, and the first question she asked me was, ‘Why did you come?’”</p>
<p>On the eve of his 100th Test, Ashwin informed ‘ESPNCricinfo’ that she thought she should return since the Test match was about to start.</p>
<p>The off-spinner spoke movingly of how his parents, Ravichandran and Chitra, gave it their all to see their shared cricketing ambition come true.</p>
<p>The foundation of our family is cricket, and it also serves to further my profession. It’s not been simple. It’s been very difficult for them. For them, experiencing the same feelings and highs and lows that I do, has been quite the roller coaster, the 37-year-old said.</p>
<p>There were moments when Ashwin thought his family valued the sport more than he did.</p>
<p>Even though I’m in my second half of thirty, my father still enjoys watching sports, just as he did when I saw my first international match. It’s really important to them. It certainly has less meaning for me than it does for them.</p>
<p>“Everything that gets in the way of my cricket has been eliminated.” Since I can remember, it has been their only goal in life, the man said.</p>
<p>Ashwin’s father loves to watch cricket, and the former club player may be seen watching the TNCA First Division League even in the most unremarkable venues.</p>
<p>“I felt like I was realizing the goal that my father had for himself. Consider a person who want to play cricket but is unable to do so. After getting hitched, he had a kid.</p>
<p>And dad does everything for me—from teaching me to getting notes from my classmates to driving me to private tuition—to ensure that I play as much cricket as possible while still completing my degree because he wants to live the dream via his kid.</p>
<p>And this woman, a mother, who is from a different hamlet, says, ‘I am here for you because you are not a cricket player.’” Let’s help our kid pursue his cricket career. Let’s put in a ton of effort. Additionally, the sister-in-law and father-in-law both endorse it.</p>

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