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Former Legal Head Nilanjan Bhattacharjee Receives Legal Notice Regarding “Corruption Allegations,” Per AIFF President Kalyan Chaubey

<p><strong>Delhi, New: T</strong>he former primary legal counsel of the All India Football Federation (AIFF), Nilanjan Bhattacharjee, has received a legal notice from AIFF President Kalyan Chaubey for bringing severe “corruption allegations” against him. In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday, Bhattacharjee said that Chaubey used a preferential tendering procedure and a nontransparent tendering process to establish “corruption avenues.”</p>
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<p>Additionally, he had claimed that Chaubey attempted to “siphon off money from the federation’s exchequer” and used funds from the AIFF for his own expenditures. Chaubey said that Bhattacharjee’s activities were intended to harm his reputation. Chaubey had previously called the accusations “baseless.”</p>
<p>“It is clear and evident why my reputation and image are being tarnished. In a message to all state units and executive committee members, Chaubey said, “I have sent him a legal notice regarding his defamation and attempts at character assassination, and I will be pursuing this matter to its logical conclusion.”</p>
<p>“It is my responsibility to defend the AIFF’s reputation in the face of these attempts to undermine the organization through accusations made against me, even as I personally respond.” Chaubey’s letter is significant because on March 10 in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, the AIFF will have its Annual General Body Meeting (AGM).</p>
<p>Chaubey addressed Bhattacharjee’s accusations, refuting each one of them point by point. Bhattacharjee claimed that “through coercion, numerous tenders, such as the broadcasting of the I-League (last season), the IWL, and the Santosh Trophy, were allotted in favor of one company that happens to be close to the incumbent president.” The AIFF fired him after he made the accusations.</p>
<p>“Bhattacharjee was part of the tender selection committee, and not once did he raise queries on the tender selection and award process,” Chaubey said in response to this. He claimed that the AIFF and FSDL (the AIFF’s marketing partner) jointly evaluated the I-League production business before deciding on it.</p>
<p>“It would be appropriate to ask FSDL for a report detailing the technical assessment procedure and the rationale for selecting the broadcasting firm. We will present these materials before the AGM, answering any queries that may arise.</p>
<p>Additionally, Chaubey referred to Bhattacharjee’s claims that he used AIFF funds for his own travel and lodging as “motivated” and “baseless.”. “While the President of AIFF is authorized to travel in business class, I have virtually always taken economy class.” “The President AIFF is entitled to receive per diem INR 10,000/- during travel/meeting; however, almost all of the times I have stayed in standard rooms, even though I am a suites member.” I have never claimed even a single rupee so far.</p>
<p>Additionally, he called the previous claims made by some people that he purchased personal products using the official AIFF credit card “ridiculous” and an effort to cast him in a negative light. “You are all invited to go to the AIFF credit card statements that I have requested the office provide to the AGM (during the AGM).</p>
<p>“I have requested that Deloitte, our internal auditors, attend the EC meeting and AGM. Chaubey said, “They would be pleased to answer any questions on the financial management of AIFF and to dispel any worries.<br />
In addition to promising tickets and merchandise “against no incentive to Indian football,” Bhattacharjee claimed that in his capacity as the AIFF’s principal legal advisor, he had declined to sign a “lopsided” agreement with the airline Indigo that called for “a minimum guarantee of Rs 7 crore to be given, content creation rights (were to be) provided.”</p>
<p>“The idea of the partnership was that of barter, to promote Indian football through Indigo’s various mediums (like outdoor hoardings, in-flight magazines, social media, videos, and and images), and vice versa,” Chaubey responded to this accusation.</p>
<p>The proposal included a general corporate 10% discount on all of the tickets we bought. Any claims to the contrary are completely false and unsubstantiated. There is no possible financial impact or loss to AIFF as a result of the agreement. The conditions have also been authorized by FSDL, and neither AIFF nor FSDL would consent to a transaction that would hurt AIFF rather than help it.</p>

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