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15 Most Inspirational Women Personalities of 2024

The Top 15 Most Inspirational Women Personalities of 2024 are Mayaa SH, Kritika Dubey, Dr.Ritu Gupta, Dr.Nirja Upadhye, Usha Kiran Moodgal, Dr.Shachii Patel, Dr.Khushboo Gupta, Shoma Chatterjee, Charmila Sanjeev, Dr.Padmini Prasad, Saartha Gore, Priyanka Yagnik, Kajal Sojitra, Mehak Sarna, Urvashi Gupta (Phegan).

DSquare Digital has brought together the 15 Most Inspirational Women Personalities of 2024 on the occasion of International Women’s Day to share their journeys, challenges, and mantra for success. We hope their stories will inform and influence other women waiting to rise as leaders.

Mayaa SH

Mayaa SH is a global humanitarian, a feminist, a literary Luminary in contemporary literature and a women empowerment culturist. She has spearheaded an unprecedented doctrine for a stress-free, violence-free society for women. Mayaa SH is a known name in contemporary literature. She is a multi-national and state award winner, a ten-time world record holder, an artist, a podcaster, and a chart-topping international fastest anthology co-author.

Mayaa SH is an Indian author, writer, thinker, essayist, and women’s empowerment culturist. Her contemporary prose work has highlighted and broken so many stereotypes about women and their power of self-belief.

Kritika Dubey 

Kritika Dubey is a successful social media influencer and mother of two. Despite societal expectations, she pursued her career after marriage, starting on TikTok. Overcoming initial challenges, her videos gained popularity, despite facing criticism. With her husband’s support, she achieved remarkable success, receiving the International Glory Awards 2022 for Rising Social Media Influencers and being recognized among Asia’s Top 100 Influential Women in 2022. Kritika’s story motivates women to persevere, demonstrating that with determination and support, success is achievable.

Dr. Ritu Gupta

Dr. Ritu is a globally recognized, highly experienced Edupreneur. She is presently holding the post of a District President Kolkata, All India Principal’s Association (AIPA) and State Head of ABCD INTERNATIONAL FAMILY. 

She is a Rigorously Trained Educator, A Certified International Speaker, A Passionate Author of Five Solo Books namely “A Place In The Sun” “The Primrose Aisle” “Hushed Anguish” “Amour-Propre”(Both in English And Hindi), an Empathetic Life and Wellness Coach, An Athlete, A Social Activist and A Certified Counselor. 

Search her on Google and 26+ Social  Media Platforms to know more about her as:

Author ritu gupta OR Dr. Ritu Gupta- The Blooming Talent of Kolkata OR The Four Most Inspiring Women Of The Year And Also on Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Celebration By Inkzoid Foundation.

Insta ID- ritz_gupta0312

LinkedIn ID: (Dr.) Ritu Gupta

Dr. Nirja Upadhye

Dr. Nirja Upadhye, Founder & Owner, Lifepreneur Nirja and Niyaara Herbals, ignites transformation & empowers individuals to thrive. Niyaara Herbals promotes entrepreneurship, fostering a culture of innovation & empowerment. At Lifepreneur Nirja, as a dynamic Transformational Leader & Mentor, she’s dedicated to empowering women & students. Through her powerful blend of NLP, Bach Flower Therapy, Motivational Speaking & Life Coaching, she creates magic. Countless lives have been guided & transformed by her unique bundle of treatments offered in her Life Transformation Packages. Her book “Abracadabra- I Create What I Speak” earned praise from Shri. Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road & Transport, while “Transform with Grace has garnered acclaim from Shri. Vishnu Manohar, Celebrity Chef. Through her unwavering commitment to personal growth & empowerment, Dr. Nirja continues to impact lives & foster positive change within people.

Usha Kiran Moodgal

Usha Kiran Moodgal, a national award winning poetess, a luminary of Hindi literature, researcher and entrepreneur, has left an indelible mark with her achievements. Her book, “Kavya Tulika,” stands as a testament to her poetic prowess, delving into the intricate drapery of emotions with eloquence and insight. As a researcher, she navigates intellectual landscapes with finesse, and her entrepreneurial ventures, Alexi Fashion and Kalakriti bridge the realms of creativity and commerce, exemplifying a harmonious fusion of diverse pursuits. Her journey is an inspiring narrative of multifaceted success, showcasing the brilliance that arises from a passion for literature, inquiry, and innovative entrepreneurship.

Dr. Shachii Patel

Dr. Shachii a cosmetic dentist with 7 gold medals  & 24 years of experience opts to save teeth before  extraction. Being a “tooth doctor” is her vocation & “word doctoring” is her passion! MAAHI language solution is a 1-stop solution for all language & content needs! A multilingual CONTENT WRITING SPECIALIST,  she’s a BLOGGER ON HIRE | creative content writer | proof reader | PROOF WATCHER | copyeditor | copywriter | webpage rewriter | thesis editor | web-content-specialist | ghost writer | product description writer | Statement of purpose (SOP) writer| social media creative text posts | email marketing letters | brochure, flyer, catalogue content | brand name & tagline | radio, TV jingles & much more. 9824208617 or www.maahilanguagesolution.com 

Dr. Khushboo Gupta

In 2021, Dr. Khushboo Gupta faced adversity but chose survival, laying the foundation for her remarkable journey. Her triumphs include the “Be the One Award” for health awareness and the “Top 5 Iconic Personalities Award,” recognizing her commitment to inspiring others. Further accolades, such as the “SHE-The Power Women Award,” “Women of Action Award,” and “All India Best Writer Award (AIBA-2024),” attest to her prowess in both medicine and literature. 

Dr. Gupta’s poetry, reaching international acclaim, earned a spot among the top 20 at a World Mental Health Day event in London.  She embodies resilience, proving that beauty can emerge from the ashes of pain.

Shoma Chatterjee

Meet Shoma Chatterjee a seasoned professional who transitioned from a successful career as an HR manager to a passionate parental coach. With years of experience in managing human resources for diverse organizations, Shoma discovered her true calling in helping parents navigate the challenges of parenthood.

Motivated by her own journey as a parent, Mrs Chaterjee founded her consulting firm, leveraging her extensive HR background to offer unique insights into the intersection of professional and family life. 

She worked with yatra.com as a travel consultant, then joined As  a franchise partner with  Max Lab, Max Hospital, Saket ,

As a parental coach, she empowers individuals to balance career demands while fostering a nurturing family environment.

Charmila Sanjeev

Charmila Sanjeev, Author & Founder of AR Publications, hails from a small town in Andhra Pradesh. She is a Writer by passion & has penned 9 books and co-authored 55 books. She runs a publication house to make the hidden writers’ dreams into reality.

She has been awarded the Writer of the Year 2021 by Forever Book of World Records, Sylvia Plath Literature Award 2021, FoxClues India Prime Women Icon Awards 2022, Bharatendu Harishchandra Award 2022.

Recognized as Top 10 Poets from the Elite Book Awards, Top 9 Eminent personalities on the globe, & Top 17 Glorious Talents of the Globe.

Dr. Padmini Prasad

Dr. Padmini Prasad is a Gynaecologist by profession. She has been a student of merit from her school days. She topped her class in tenth standard and received state scholarship. She has been a topper with distinction in several subjects in MBBS.She has  a passion for poetry writing with several publications to her credit. She also is a singer with an aptitude for Carnatic music. She is an avid reader and also has tried her hand at story writing. Extrovert by nature – Likes to travel and entertain friends.

Saartha Gore

Mother Teresa once quoted, “Peace begins with a smile.”

My name is Saartha Sameer Gore. A 16 year old aspiring science student at Podar International School (IB).

Being a true believer of Balance life, my ambition is to become a surgeon and represent my home country India at Miss World with the motto of beauty with purpose by supporting girl child and contributing full justice towards girls education, gender equality, healthcare and the most paramount: Safety.

I am a title holder of 17 pageants till date .Recently, I became the National Brand Ambassador of Sureet Events ek mission/ ek foundation based in Delhi and working as a social activist.

Priyanka Yagnik

Priyu, also known as Priyanka Chintan Yagnik (Gold medalist) hails from Ahmedabad, India, and now resides in England. She maintains a strong connection with her faith and mother tongue, co-authoring books and participating in poet conventions. Priyu contributes to magazines like Kasumbo and newspapers such as Divya Bhaskar and Sandesh. As a housewife, she prioritizes family unity, while as an Advocate, she supports women through NGOs, educating them on rights and duties, fair treatment through legal awareness campaigns, focusing on women’s and children’s rights in conservative communities. Additionally, As a volunteer, she supports the elderly and cancer patients in England.

Kajal Sojitra

Kajal Sojitra, hailing from Ahmedabad, embodies resilience and creativity. Despite not being a professional, her unwavering passion for writing has illuminated her journey for the past five years. With two Gujarati books and poetry gracing a Hindi anthology, her literary prowess shines. Victorious in numerous writing contests, she aspires to soar higher, crafting her own solo masterpiece. Through her Instagram handle @Kalam_ni_Kadar, boasting 5k+ followers, she shares her inspiring voyage, igniting creativity and determination in all who follow.

Mehak Sarna

Mehak Sarna, a vibrant 16-year-old poet hailing from the bustling city of New Delhi. Currently a student at Mamta Modern Sr. Sec. School in Vikaspuri, she possesses a captivating talent for weaving words into beautiful verses. With a passion for writing, studying, and painting, Mehak’s creativity knows no bounds. Her literary prowess has led her to publish two remarkable books, “Bouquet of Emotions” and “Spills of Life.” Stay tuned for her upcoming collection of thought-provoking quotes, “Fragments of Me,” set to be released this April. Prepare to be enchanted by her poetic brilliance!

Urvashi Gupta (Phegan)

Introducing Urvashi Gupta (Phegan), a budding writer with a passion for storytelling and a flair for captivating her audience with words. With a creative spark that ignites her every project, Phegan’s writing transports readers to new worlds and evokes powerful emotions with every sentence she pens.

On other hand, She is an enthusiastic would-be businesswoman with a fire in her belly and a vision to create a thriving empire from the ground up. Armed with ambition, determination, and a keen eye for opportunity, Phegan is ready to take on the world of entrepreneurship and carve out her own path to success.

Together, these two dynamic individual personalities makes the perfect blend of creativity and ambition, poised to make Phegan’s mark on the world and inspire others to chase their dreams with unwavering passion.

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