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Mumbai’s Hallmark Services’ Setting National Standards of Cleanliness in 2024

The Swachh Bharat Mission took a significant turn after the COVID-19 Pandemic hit India. Sanitation, cleanliness, and overall hygiene have never been more important. The Cleaning Industry and the Indian Government aim to build a better community and infrastructure for a better tomorrow.


People suffered several financial and personal losses during the pandemic, forcing the population to reset their purchasing patterns, leading to more inclination towards home as well as office cleaning services and professional sanitation activities using non-toxic and eco-friendly materials. A survey conducted by YouGov showed a visible change in shopping habits, with India showing 81% of change alone. In India, the revenue in the Household Cleaners market is projected to reach US$0.86bn in 2024. It is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.36% from 2024 to 2028.


In addition, the rising number of dual-income families in India has reduced the time that can be provided for home cleaning, increasing the reliance on professional cleaning companies. Traditional home cleaners and staff just don’t have the quality or knowledge to cut it anymore.


This alternation in consumer habits in recent times helped the cleaning industry to boom significantly. The cleanliness and sanitation industry’s perspective also shifted towards a more holistic approach to building a clean and healthy community. One similar company born during the pandemic which caters to the Indian market solely to keep them safe and healthy by providing premium, efficient, and professional facility management solutions is ‘Hallmark Services’.


The company, founded and led by entrepreneur Peshaan Khajotia, focuses on quality, ensuring a trademark standard of excellence by operating as per the latest international healthcare and sanitation guidelines issued by the WHO, CDC & BMC. Their facility management services employ a unique blend of technology, processes, and human resources to efficiently manage Real Estate assets across diverse sectors.


Their mission is ‘to combine a people-first approach with proprietary technology and a strong focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards, delivering unparalleled property management and client satisfaction’.


Hallmark is one of the fastest-growing companies in the Facility Management Service spaces, expanding across India with operations in Tier 1 cities like Delhi and Bangalore.


The company has gained its name as an established player in Mumbai in the Property Management space. Not only are they a go-to service provider for India’s premier architects, interior designers, and furnishing companies, but their services extend to celebrities, premier housing societies, pro athletes, and more.


Benefits To Businesses


Corporates that have worked with Hallmark shared the following benefits they experienced:



Pollutants in the indoor air cause allergies and headaches; poor ventilation leads to drowsiness, directly leading to decreased productivity. Productive employees mean a thriving business for you. The extra efforts taken by any company to invest in the best cleaning services and create a healthy workplace motivate the employees to push themselves to achieve both company and personal goals every day.



Employees are seen taking sick leaves due to poor health or exhaustion attributed to poor indoor air quality. Healthy employees feel overall content and energized to work, benefiting the business. Employee loyalty increases when they see their company going the extra mile for their health and safety at the same time.



A hygienic workplace and healthy work environment also increase employee retention rates as they spend half their day at the office. Employee retention is a common and serious issue faced by companies, therefore, giving them a comfortable and utilitarian workplace is crucial.



The assurance of world-class health and safety protocols in a post-COVID work environment can be leveraged by businesses like yours currently to find the right talent to work for you, even in polluted cities.


What sets them apart?


Unlike other companies, Hallmark caters to a much more niche clientele, spanning celebrities, pro-athletes, luxury hotels and restaurants, HNIs, premium MNCs, corporates, law firms, and FILs primarily. These are clients who have an emphasis on quality, trusted manpower, and after-sales service.


Hallmark has also created another unique niche by serving as a partner to hundreds of Architects, Interior Designers, and Turnkey Contractors for all their site handover-related work. Being heavily recommended by interior designers and architects has created an aura of reliability, which makes them more appealing and trusted to homeowners and offices alike.


When asked about the same, the Founder explained, “In effect, the coming years will see the Cleaning Industry depending heavily on tech solutions like data creation, AI, Digitalization as well as smart building technology that will aid in indoor air quality, energy conservation, and productive environment, creating collaborations with the stakeholders.”


Why choose Hallmark?


Hallmark Services follows a tech-driven approach with an expert workforce ensuring efficient management of diverse Real Estate assets, setting new industry standards for innovation and value creation while practicing sustainability, and maintaining human rights.


Its belief in strong ethics is highlighted by paying extra attention to worker welfare, 100% compliance with all labour welfare laws, taking care of their employees and their family’s medical insurance, maternity leave, children’s education, etc.


Hallmark aims to champion “The dignity of labour or the dignity of work.” That is the belief that all types of jobs are respected equally, no occupation is considered superior, and no jobs should be discriminated against on any basis.


Hallmark aims to create an overall atmosphere of diversity, fun, and mutual respect for its workers. It aims to make a cultural change, ensuring a culture of unity and support throughout the organisation. Its people-first approach segregates it from the other companies available in the market. It works closely with the customers to understand their unique needs and develop customized solutions, tailor-made to align with their objectives. The company lives by its slogan, “The Hallmark Services Difference”.

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