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SmartConnect Earns Prestigious Title of Xiaomi Internet Business’ 2023 Agency of the Year 

New Delhi, 8th March 2024: Amidst the vibrant January of the year 2024, the Xiaomi Internet Partner Conference (MIPC) unfolded, weaving a narrative of collaboration and acknowledgment. Departing from its conventional format, this year’s summit metamorphosed into a leadership gathering under the guidance of senior executives from Xiaomi Group. It provided an exclusive forum for the dissemination of Xiaomi’s strategic enhancements and novel plans for Xiaomi’s Internet business to industry partners.


At this zenith event, SmartConnect was unveiled as the esteemed Agency of the Year for 2023 by Xiaomi’s Internet Business Department. This recognition underscores SmartConnect’s steadfast dedication to excellence, innovation, and notable contributions to the expansion of Xiaomi’s internet business. The endorsement from Xiaomi solidifies SmartConnect’s pivotal role as a core agency, heralding an exciting journey of partnership ahead.


A notable highlight was the comprehensive exposition provided by Mr. Song Qiang, General Manager of Xiaomi’s International Internet Business Department, elucidating Xiaomi’s internet business.


In his address, Mr. Song Qiang underscored Xiaomi’s pledge to expand its international Internet service territory, forge a multi-terminal hardware ecosystem, and construct an Internet ecological platform centered around applications, games, content, and advertising. He spotlighted Xiaomi’s overseas application store GetApps and the game distribution brand Mint Games, both of which have experienced substantial growth and engagement.


SmartConnect, as one of the first market participants focusing on OEM inventories, provides mobile marketing services globally in a variety of different segments, such as mobile games, mobile applications, cross-border e-commerce and other Internet industries. In terms of scale, SmartConnect provides international services for more than 150 global advertisers, covering more than 200 countries and regions across the world. 


SmartConnect is honored to receive the Agency of the Year 2023 award which is a testament to the unwavering commitment to excellence and our resolve to foster growth and innovation in partnership with Xiaomi. SmartConnect eagerly anticipates sustaining the fruitful collaboration and contributing to Xiaomi internet business’ global expansion endeavors.


As Xiaomi’s International Internet Business Department continues to expand its international Internet platform strategy, SmartConnect remains dedicated to working closely with Xiaomi and other partners to cultivate a sustainable and mutually beneficial ecosystem.


SmartConnect’s acknowledgment as Xiaomi’s 2023 Agency of the Year is not merely an accolade; it’s an invitation for partners and clients to embark on a journey of innovation and success. As encapsulated by the theme of the MIPC 2024, it’s time to “Grow with Xiaomi,” and SmartConnect stands poised to be a driving force in this exhilarating chapter of Xiaomi’s Internet platform odyssey.

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