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Actress Sukanya Returns To Malayalam Films As DNA’s Lyricist

<p>Actress Sukanya, who mostly works in Tamil cinema, has established herself in the Malayalam and Telugu film industries as well. She has key roles in some of the Malayalam cinema industry’s blockbuster and superhit productions, including Chandralekha, Rakthasakshikal Sindabad, Kaanaakkinaavu, Sagaram Sakshi, Prem Poojari, and others. The actress’s most recent project in the Malayalam film industry was Aamayum Muyalum (2014). Fans of the actress, who is from Malayali, have been eagerly awaiting her return ever since.</p>
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<p>Sukanya has at last made a comeback to the Malayalam film business, but not as the lead heroine, after a ten-year absence. The actress is presently writing the lyrics for the TS Suresh Babu-directed film DNA.</p>
<p>Sukanya, who has written several poems in Tamil, wrote the soundtrack for the forthcoming film DNA. For the movie, she wrote a Tamil song. TS Suresh Babu said in a recent interview that the actress picked up poetry writing when she was starring in the Malayalam television series Kadamattathu Kathanar.</p>
<p>The serial’s plot was written by TS Suresh Babu, and it’s possible that the director saw the actress’s aptitude for writing while the show was being filmed. “TS Suresh Babu said that Sukanya was the first song that came to mind when a Tamil song was needed for DNA.” He said that the actress composed a Tamil song for the film DNA and willingly took up the part. According to media sources, music director Sharreth wrote the tune, which goes by the name Kannallane Kanatharum. Karthik and Archa are the singers of the song.</p>
<p>A few months ago, the official production company for the film, Benzy Productions, released a video showing actress Sukanya and music composer Sharreth together in the recording studio.</p>
<p>Ashkar Soudan, Mammootty’s nephew, is the film’s primary feature actor. Aju Varghese, Indrans, Johny Antony, and Namitha Pramod also play important parts in the film. According to the sources, the forensic thriller DNA is anticipated to have action-packed scenes.</p>
<p>In addition to starring in the film, Sukanya, a skilled Bharatanatyam dancer, created the dance sequence in the popular film Thooval Kottaram. Jayaram and Sukanya played the main roles in the Sathyan Anthikad-directed movie. 1996 saw its release.</p>

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