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At festivals, athletes are given a platform to shine in addition to devotion

<p>Yesterday saw the organization of a cycling competition as part of the Mandi Shivratri Fair sports contests. Judge Rajesh Tomar of the Mandi District and Sessions Court both presided over the competition’s opening and took part in it. Later, he thanked the participants and winners for finishing the ride.</p>
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<p>Vansh Kalia was the top performer in the 18 to 35 age range. Gaurav Jagata came in second and Ajay Kumar third in the same category.</p>
<p>Sunil Barangpa placed first, followed by Jaspreet Paul in second place and Sushil Upasak in third place among those over 35. Aradhya placed first, Jagtar second, and Punit third in the 14–17 age category. Girls’ rankings: Garima ranked first, Swaranjal Singh ranked second, and Avni Sharma ranked third. Over fifty participants took part in the sport with great enthusiasm.</p>
<p>The Police and District Cycling Association coordinated the competition. Beginning in the ancient Seri Manch of Mandi, the competition traveled across the New Victoria Bridge, Old Mandi, Munish Resort Road, Dhangsidhar, Chhipnu, Shanidev Temple, and Hanuman Temple before concluding back at the Seri Manch.</p>
<p>Rs 3,100 was awarded to the contestant who placed first in the 14–17 age category; Rs 2,100 went to the second place winner, and Rs 1,100 to the third place finisher. The prize money for first place in both the 18 to 35 and above 35 age groups was Rs 5,100, second place was Rs 3,100, and third place was Rs 1,800. Along with organization president Srijan Saini, members Pranav, Mandvi Sharma, and Rohit Thakur were present, as were probationer IPS Gauravjeet Singh, Sundernagar DSP Bharat Bhushan, and DSP Devraj.</p>

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