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“Excitement Caused Errors”: Cristiano Ronaldo Expresses Repentance for Indecent Hand gestures Towards Opponent Supporters

<p>Errors happen to even the best of us. Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo of Al Nassr evidently came to the same realization, as the Portuguese talisman eventually spoke about his ban for engaging in “obscene gestures” and reiterated his resolve to always be the greatest version of himself.</p>
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<p>Ronaldo received a one-game suspension last week for reportedly making lewd gestures against Al Shadab supporters during Al Nassr’s 3-2 victory.</p>
<p>Following the game, the Al Shadab audience erupted in cries of “Messi, Messi,” directed at Ronaldo. The Portuguese player responded by cupping his ear and repeatedly pumping his palm in front of his pelvic region in the direction of the opposing supporters.</p>
<p>Although the event was not captured on television, some onlookers who were in the stands recorded it and shared it on social media.</p>
<p>Since Article 57-1 of the Disciplinary and Ethics Regulations states that “Anyone who causes public excitement by action, word, or gesture during any match shall be suspended for one match and shall be punished with a fine of 10,000 riyals,” it was determined that Ronaldo had broken the rule.</p>
<p>At a news conference, Cristiano said that his celebrations were ordinary in Europe, but that he would never do them in Saudi Arabia now that he knew.</p>
<p>At a news conference, Ronaldo said, “I will always respect the cultures of all countries, as I have respected them to this day, but not always what people see is reality.”</p>
<p>It is evident that I will not do it again in this nation, as I have said and will reiterate, but in Europe, it is rather common.</p>
<p>“There are moments when our enthusiasm and passion for the game cause us to make mistakes.”</p>
<p>After losing to Al Ain of Qatar on penalties in a 4–4 aggregate match, Ronaldo’s Al Nassr already had enough sadness to cope with after being eliminated from the AFC Champions League.</p>
<p>Even though he scored the game’s only goal to tie it, Ronaldo had a very poor performance overall and wasted a clear opportunity to score early in the match.</p>
<p>However, it seems that now days, his off-field exploits are what get him attention more than his on-field exploits.</p>
<p>The Portuguese celebrity has already garnered media attention for his antics. A similar incident happened in April of last year when the Portuguese attacker seemed to touch his genitalia as he was making his way to the bench during an Al Hilal match in the Saudi Pro League that Al Nassr lost 2-0.</p>

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