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With chip units, Tata and CG Power will generate around 72,000 employment

<p>According to the plan released by both firms on Wednesday, Tata Group and CG Power’s forthcoming semiconductor facilities in the nation would provide employment for around 72,000 people over the course of several years.</p>
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<p>The Tata Group is developing an assembly, testing, marking, and packaging (ATMP) plant in Morigaon, Assam, and a fabrication unit in Dholera, Gujarat. It is anticipated that the Dholera plant would produce around 50,000 employment, while the Assam facility will provide an additional 20,000–22,000 jobs.</p>
<p>Conversely, CG Power hopes to hire more than 5,000 individuals.</p>
<p>This is only the beginning. There’s going to be growth. We have 50,000 jobs in mind here, and Assam has at least 20,000–22,000 employment. It will take time, however. At the groundbreaking ceremony for the three semiconductor projects, N Chandrasekaran, Chairman of Tata Sons, said, “We will continue to grow as we reach early milestones.” According to him, the business is speeding up the chip manufacturing schedule and will meet the needs of a number of industries, including consumer, medical, automotive, power, and electronics.</p>
<p>A fabrication typically takes four years. Our objective is to start chip production in 2026. Ideally, towards the end of the year. Assam could be finished sooner. We may begin commercial production in Assam as early as 2025 or 2026, according to Chandrasekaran.</p>
<p>The nation’s first semiconductor production factory, valued at Rs 91,000 crore, is being built by the Tata Group in collaboration with Taiwan-based Power Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp (PSMC). Additionally, it is contributing Rs 27,000 crore to the Assamese ATMP project.</p>
<p>The semiconductor plant owned by Tata is capable of producing chips at higher nodes with 28 nm technology. Among other sectors served by the initiative are consumer electronics, electric cars, defense, and high-performance computing.</p>
<p>For its assembly and testing unit, CG Power has partnered with Renesas and Stars Microelectronics. The facility will be built on a plot of land of around 28 acres, and it will cost Rs 7,600 crore to build over the course of five years.</p>
<p>“We want to construct a top-notch OSAT (outsourced semiconductor assembly and testing) plant in Sanand and are really eager to create India’s semiconductor ecosystem. In the next two to three years, we want to start manufacturing,” said S. Vellayan, chairman of CG Power and Industrial Solutions. With its history and cutting-edge chip packaging, the business will serve 5G, consumer, industrial, and automotive sectors.</p>
<p>In the joint venture, CG Power will own 92.3% of the shares, with Renesas and Stars Microelectronics holding 6.8% and 0.9% of the shares, respectively.</p>
<p>According to official estimates, the authorized semiconductor projects will create 100,000 indirect jobs and 20,000 direct positions using sophisticated technologies.</p>

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