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Wasim Akram’s Crude Reaction on Why Pakistan Cannot Construct a Stadium Like in Dharamsala, “Gaddafi ki Chhat Dekhi Hai”

<p>Wasim Akram believes that the nation’s current cricket venues have not been adequately maintained by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). The famed bowler spoke out when a fan mentioned the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium in India. The stadium is 1457 meters above sea level and is situated in the charming town of Dharamsala.</p>
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<p>One of the most stunning cricket stadiums in the world, the venue offers a magnificent vista of snow-peaked mountains due to its location in the foothills of the Himalayas.</p>
<p>Akram was recently questioned on A Sports about why the PCB hasn’t thought of constructing a stadium in northern Pakistan that would cross the Hindu Kush, Karakoram, and Himalayan mountain ranges. In addition to Dharamsala, the fan brought up John Davies Oval in Queenstown, New Zealand, a hilly city close to Lake Wakatipu with equally impressive scenery as the HPCA Stadium.</p>
<p>We have seen stadiums in Queenstown, New Zealand, and Dharamsala. The questioner asked, “Why is the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) not investing in the stadium infrastructure in the northern areas?”</p>
<p>Akram gave a direct response to the topic, stating that because the Pakistan board has been finding it difficult to maintain the current stadiums, requesting a new one could be asking for too much. The former cricket player provided reasoning for his remarks by bringing up Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, which is purportedly in need of some repairs.</p>
<p>“How could we build a new stadium when we can’t even maintain three?” (Kya chhat dekhi hai, Gaddafi ki?) Have you seen the Gaddafi Stadium roof that the drone was showing you? Not even the three of us are within our control. On A Sports’ The Pavilion program, Wasim Akram said, “We can only hope to create a new one.”</p>
<p>Nonetheless, the former cricket player, who is now a commentator, acknowledged that Pakistan had “enough area” where the PCB might have constructed a new stadium. He went on to cite Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Abbottabad Stadium, which is still unrecognized worldwide. Located in a mountainous area, the facility now only holds First-Class and List-A games. Akram said, “Abbottabad is a very beautiful ground.”</p>
<p>Speaking of Dharamsala, despite being situated in an area of high altitude, the cutting-edge stadium provides every first-rate amenity. In October of last year, the ground hosted its inaugural World Cup match. Last week saw the fifth game of India’s just finished Test series versus England take place in Dharamsala.</p>
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