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Workers at Manchester United will sue the club for leaking personal data

<p>This season, Manchester United seems to be living up to the adage “what can go wrong, will go wrong,” as the team is now embroiled in yet another messy situation that originated inside the organization.</p>
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<p>United is no longer only dealing with injuries and bad performances—internal staff members have begun filing lawsuits against the team for breaching and leaking confidential data.</p>
<p>Up to £100,000 in damages are being sought against the Manchester Reds for inadvertently sending 167 employees’ pay stubs and those of every other employee in the pool via email.</p>
<p>Due to an error that occurred back in March 2018, the concerned staff members’ personal information, including their name, address, National Insurance number, income, and tax payments, was disclosed.</p>
<p>The Sun claims that the team was testing a new approach because there was “a lack of managerial staff overseeing the procedure.”</p>
<p>Members of the culinary and hospitality departments, tour guides for museums and stadiums, and program vendors all received mail as a result of the error.</p>
<p>“The club’s billionaire owners should take responsibility for this error,” said the legal counsel of a business that represents 32 of the parties involved in the claims.</p>
<p>On the basis of data protection, those impacted have now filed a compensation claim with the High Court.</p>
<p>“We take the data privacy of our employees very seriously and regret this isolated incident, which occurred in 2018,” a Manchester United representative said in response to the matter.</p>
<p>“We notified the Information Commissioner’s Office and put measures in place to prevent it from happening again, but they did not take any further action.”</p>
<p>This internal incident only serves to feed the already raging United, who are vying for a spot in the top four of the Premier League table in order to qualify for the Champions League the next season, amid an already turbulent season on the field.</p>
<p>United is presently eight points behind Unai Emery’s Aston Villa in the Premier League standings. This weekend, they will play championship hopefuls and longtime rivals Liverpool.</p>

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