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Kerala IUML President Janab Sayyid Sadiq Ali Shihab Thangal Visits Hyderabad to Discuss Upcoming Lok Sabha Elections

Hyderabad, 9th May, 2024: Kerala IUML President and Political Advisory Chairman for the state of Kerala, Janab Sayyid Sadiq Ali Shihab Thangal, recently visited Hyderabad to engage in discussions concerning the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. During his visit, Janab Thangal had the honor of meeting with Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy to discuss strategies and collaborations in the context of the imminent elections.


Additionally, Janab Thangal met with IUML Telangana State President Janab Shakeel Advocate Saab to discuss the party’s initiatives and growth plans in Telangana. He commended Janab Shakeel Advocate Saab for his dedicated efforts and suggested measures to further strengthen the party’s presence in the state.


Janab Shakeel Advocate Saab has been actively collaborating with Muslim Youth League (MYL) Telangana, MSF & AIKMCC to bolster the party’s position in the Telangana region. His remarkable social initiatives and community-oriented work have significantly contributed to raising awareness and garnering support for the party’s vision and objectives.


Janab Thangal’s visit underscores the IUML’s commitment to fostering strong inter-state alliances and enhancing its political footprint in Telangana. The discussions held during this visit are pivotal in shaping the party’s strategies leading up to the elections.


Muslim Youth League (MYL) Telangana is making waves in the state with its impactful social initiatives aimed at empowering the youth. Recently, MYL Telangana organized a successful Career Kickstart Workshop at Urdu Ghar Moghalpura on May 5th under the guidance of MYL TG President Mir Hamid Ali Engineer. The workshop focused on providing valuable guidance to youth on various career options and resume-building techniques tailored for job-oriented individuals.



The event was graced by esteemed Chief Guest, MYL National President Janab Asif Ansari Saab, and MYL State Incharge Zubair Saab from Meerut. Their presence added significant value to the workshop, inspiring participants and highlighting the importance of career development initiatives for the youth.


The Career Kickstart Workshop was meticulously organized by MYL TG Vice Presidents Noman Rehman and Qadeeruddin, along with MYL TG Secretaries Syed Saif and Md. Ashraf, MYL TG Treasurer Moiz, & active worker Syed Muzakkir.


Mir Hamid Ali Engineer, MYL TG President, expressed his vision for MYL Telangana to continue organizing similar events in the future, aiming to guide youngsters towards promising career paths such as law, IAS, IPS, and other impactful professions.


MYL Telangana’s commitment to nurturing talent and empowering youth underscores its role as a catalyst for positive change in the community. The success of the Career Kickstart Workshop reaffirms MYL Telangana’s dedication to fostering career development opportunities and inspiring the next generation of leaders.


For media inquiries, please contact:


Noman Rehman

Vice President & Spokesperson

Muslim Youth League Telangana


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