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Home Decor Brand Rangreli Blossoms into a Leading Nameplate Company with Vibrant, Nature-Inspired Designs

Bangalore, India – In the bustling city of Bangalore, a small home studio embarked on a creative journey in 2015 that would soon transform it into one of India’s most beloved home decor brands. Rangreli, the brainchild of the entrepreneurial husband-wife duo Prashant and Kumarika, has now become synonymous with exquisite handcrafted pieces that bring the essence of nature into urban homes. With a catalogue boasting over 1,000 unique items, Rangreli’s offerings are a testament to the beauty of hand-painted artistry, each piece vibrant with colours and alive with the inspiration drawn from the natural world.


The journey of Rangreli began with a simple yet profound idea: to create nameplates that were not just identifiers but statements of personal style and aesthetic preference. This idea quickly resonated with customers, and Rangreli’s customized name plates became a signature product, celebrated for their bespoke quality and the individual touch of the artists who crafted them. The nameplates, often adorned with floral motifs, birds, and the gentle hues of nature, became more than just a product; they became a piece of art that welcomed guests into one’s home with warmth and elegance.


Encouraged by the success of their nameplates, Rangreli is now poised to venture into new territories within the home decor space. The brand has ambitious plans to introduce over 20 new products, expanding their range to include kitchenware and serveware. These new lines are expected to carry the same ethos of Rangreli’s design philosophy—combining functionality with artistic flair. The company’s vision extends to establishing a tangible retail presence, with the goal of opening stores in major metropolitan cities across India within the next five years.


Prashant, the Co-Founder of Rangreli, shared insights into the company’s impressive growth trajectory. “Rangreli has seen tremendous growth, nearly doubling in size each year,” he said. “As the market for personalized nameplates and wall art continues to flourish, we are poised to hit ₹5 crore in annual recurring revenue in the coming years, up from ₹1.5 crore currently.” This growth is not just a reflection of the company’s financial success but also an indicator of the increasing appreciation for handcrafted, personalized home decor in India.


Kumarika, the other half of the founding duo, elaborates on the brand’s philosophy and product range. “Our products are deeply inspired by the beauty of the natural world,” she said. “From lamps that create a warm ambiance to wall art that showcases our artists’ talents, our goal is to turn every home into a unique, artistic haven.” Rangreli’s designer home accents, which include a variety of decorative items, are all imbued with the same commitment to quality and individuality.


With a growing base of over 15,000 satisfied customers, Rangreli’s reputation for excellence is spreading far and wide. The brand’s future plans are not limited to domestic expansion; they also include breaking into international markets with hand-painted exports. This move is expected to introduce Rangreli’s unique blend of traditional Indian artistry and contemporary design to a global audience.


“Every Rangreli piece celebrates the splendour of nature through handmade quality and individuality,” Kumarika reiterated. “We can’t wait to bring more art and beauty into homes across India and beyond.” As Rangreli continues to grow and evolve, its commitment to celebrating the natural world through art remains steadfast. The brand’s journey from a modest home studio to a leading name in home decor is a story of passion, creativity, and the enduring power of handcrafted art.

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