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Jim Corbett Bliss at La Perle River Resorts – A Perfect Jungle Getaway With Dreamy Destination Wedding

Welcome to La Perle River Resort, a peaceful getaway in Ram Nagar’s Dikuli area. As part of the Excel Hotels & Resorts family, La Perle offers 60 comfy rooms by the Kosi River. A gem within this collection is Cotton Tree, with modern amenities spread over 7 acres.

Located near Jim Corbett National Park, Excel Hotels and Resorts provide nature-infused venues for events. Discover simplicity, comfort, and nature’s charm at La Perle, where each moment promises a memorable experience.


Cotton Tree Room:

          A cozy retreat with essential amenities.

          Spacious design for a relaxing atmosphere.

          Garden view for a pleasant stay.

          Well-equipped for an enhanced guest experience.

Cotton Tree Superior Room:

          Embodies luxury and spacious elegance.

          Modern amenities in a refined setting.

          Generous living space and beautiful balcony.

          Enchanting views of lush garden and sparkling swimming pool.

The Family Room:

          Luxurious and modern accommodation.

          Ideal for families with interconnected rooms.

          Balances privacy and convenience.

          Mix of cozy and chill vibes for everyone.

Elephant Park Premium:

          Epitome of luxury with spacious bedrooms.

          Contemporary living spaces with modern amenities.

          Breathtaking views of the Kosi River.

          Exquisite accommodations for a serene ambiance.

Elephant Park Room:

          Opulent and expansive living spaces.

          Mesmerizing view of the Kosi river.

          Luxurious interiors with ample space.

          Modern amenities for a sophisticated stay.

Leopard Lair:

          Simple and comfy for a relaxed stay.

          Standard accommodations with necessary amenities.

          Look out to a chill garden view.

          Exclusive interiors designed for a homely feel.

Tiger Den Cottage:

          Secluded elegance in charming circular cottages.

          Privacy with separate cottages.

          Comfort and style with necessary amenities.

          Chill in a cozy place surrounded by nature.

The Jungle Suite – River View:

          Newly built Jungle Suites with modern sophistication.

          Adorned with contemporary amenities.

          Mesmerizing view of the Kosi river.

          Comfortable haven designed for families.

Conference Room:

          Advanced conference hall, 2500 sqft.

          Capacity of 150+ individuals.

          Ideal for social and corporate events.

          Well-equipped, carpeted, and air-conditioned for a comfortable and productive environment.


About Jim Corbett:

Jim Corbett National Park, named after legendary hunter Jim Corbett, is a haven for nature lovers, nestled near the Kosi River, celebrated for its rich biodiversity, dense forests, meandering rivers, and captivating landscapes.

Flora and Fauna of Jim Corbett:

Engage in vibrant flora and fauna – Bengal tigers, spotted deer, and diverse bird species create a colorful, thriving ecosystem.

Adventures of Jim Corbett:

Initiate on thrilling experiences echoing Corbett’s legacy. From jungle safaris to wildlife encounters, each moment echoes the spirit of exploration and conservation that defines this park. Feel the adrenaline as you traverse the landscapes once roamed by Corbett himself.

Best Time to Visit Jim Corbett:

Plan your visit during winter (November to February) for pleasant weather and optimal wildlife sightings. Avoid the monsoon (June to September) when lushness challenges


exploration. The dry season (March to June) offers clearer views of wildlife near water sources.

Scenic Beauty of Jim Corbett:

Experience the magical beauty of nature with lush greenery, rolling hills, and the calm Kosi River gracefully winding through the park. Every resort room is designed to capture this beauty, offering lovely views each morning.


Nearby Attractions:

Explore the rich surroundings with attractions like Corbett National Park, Garjia Temple, Corbett Waterfall, and the Bijrani Zone, where nature enthusiasts can witness diverse wildlife and lush landscapes.


Destination Wedding Dreams:

La Perle River Resorts offers more than just a beautiful setting; it’s a dream destination for weddings. The lush landscapes and various party lawns, including one by the river, provide the ideal canvas for an unforgettable celebration. With spaces like the Beer Cave “Kitty Hall” and a choice of party lawns, your special day can be tailored to perfection, creating memories that last a lifetime.


Versatile Celebrations:


          La Perle transforms for every occasion, making each celebration unique and unforgettable.

          Diverse spaces cater to various events – from intimate dinners to lively parties and corporate gatherings.

          Notable venues like the Beer Cave “Kitty Hall” and party lawns offer customization for your vision.

          Live music adds a rhythmic touch, exceeding expectations for lively celebrations.

          Romantic candlelight dinners create an intimate atmosphere under the starlit sky.

          The resort is an ideal backdrop for photography, capturing the magic of love amidst scenic beauty.

          It welcomes wildlife enthusiasts and photographers, serving as a haven for capturing diverse flora and fauna.

          Every frame tells a story, inviting wildlife photographers to capture the rich ecosystem of this enchanting jungle retreat.


About the founders:


Mr. Gaurav Sharmathe Managing Director of Excel Hotels and Resorts, is a skilled leader with an impressive history in the industry. With over 15 years in leadership, Gaurav Sharma, the MD of Excel Hotels and Resorts, brings technical expertise and business acumen,


driving excellence in hospitality. His forward-thinking vision, rooted in integrity, fosters trust and a positive work culture, setting new standards for the industry.


Taran Pal BatraMD of Excel Hotels and Resorts, boasts over 12 years of hospitality success. His exceptional sales skills and customer-centric approach have propelled the company’s growth, building lasting relationships. Taran’s visionary leadership establishes Excel Hotels and Resorts as an industry leader.


Ashish Upadhyaythe dynamic MD of Excel Hotels and Resorts, brings 15+ years of successful leadership. Formerly from “I NEED TRIP,” his exceptional sales skills and genuine approach drive the company’s remarkable growth. Under Ashish’s leadership, ExceHotels and Resorts stands out in the competitive hospitality industry.


In conclusion, after its thorough renovation in 2023, La Perle River Resorts stands out as a captivating haven where luxury perfectly blends with nature’s beauty. Whether you seek thrilling wildlife adventures, family-friendly activities, or simply a peaceful escape, the resort caters to diverse preferences. La Perle ensures every guest’s experience is unforgettable, creating a destination that seamlessly combines opulence with the tranquility of the natural world. Embark on a journey of unparalleled serenity and excitement at La Perle River Resorts, where the promise of an extraordinary escape awaits.


Jim Corbett National Park, Village Ladhuachaur, P.O. Dhikuli, Ramnagar Distt. Nainital Uttarakhand 244715.

Booking No.: +91 9319314566

Visit Us: la perle river resort php

Email: resv@excelhotelandresort.com


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