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$PENGU Token Presale Rages On With Over 600 SOL Raised: Is This Set To Beat The Likes Of Slothana & Book Of Meme?

As the demand for more meme coins with not just moon potentials, but also some utility on the Solana blockchain intensifies, a new contender, Penguiana ($PENGU) has emerged and is causing a stir in the meme coin market.


In just a few days since the presale was launched, it has astonishingly garnered 600 SOL in investments, which has sparked debates on whether this penguin-themed token is poised to rival the success of previous Solana meme coins like Slothana & Book Of Meme (BOME).


Early investors interested in being one of the first holders of the $PENGU token are invited to visit the Penguiana presale page.

There, contributing Solana (SOL) tokens to the designated presale wallet is straightforward, with all necessary details available at https://penguiana.com/


Join Penguiana Presale


Allocating a generous 60% of its total supply, or 60 million $PENGU tokens for the presale, Penguiana is setting the stage for widespread distribution.


The presale price for $PENGU is set at 1 SOL for 20,000 $PENGU and with a minimum buy cap of 0.5 SOL and a Max Buy Cap of 100 SOL, ensuring fairness in participation. Once the presale concludes, the $PENGU tokens are airdropped to participants.


With over 600 SOL already pledged, Penguiana‘s trajectory looks promising. Its continued momentum could mirror BOME’s success and it’s also worthy to note that over 3 exchanges have declared interest in listing $PENGU tokens.


Such developments would pave the way for significant trading volumes, reminiscent of past launches within the Solana meme coin ecosystem.


Can $PENGU Capture Solana’s Booming Meme Coin Market?


The excitement around the penguiana presale is not just about hype, but also a testament to the upcoming utility of the $PENGU tokens, which will be to mint a penguin NFT to allow you play to Penguiana play to earn game, signaling a shift from just Memecoin hype to actual utility for meme coins.


Solana’s appeal, marked by low transaction fees and high throughput, is particularly advantageous for active traders and meme coin enthusiasts.


Interestingly, several of these top-performing meme coins, including dogwifhat (WIF) and Bonk (BONK), launched without concrete real-world applications, yet achieved remarkable gains through effective marketing and robust community support.


Join Penguiana Presale


If Penguiana can harness a similar level of enthusiasm and community backing, it is well-positioned to make significant inroads into Solana’s $6.9B meme coin market.


As the presale continues to attract attention, the crypto community eagerly watches to see if this penguin-themed meme coin will become the next big hit on Solana.


Join the Solana Meme Coin Revolution


As the Penguiana token presale continues to gather momentum, the crypto community stands at the threshold of a new era in meme coin investment on the Solana blockchain.


Don’t miss out on juicy announcements and updates on Penguiana by joining the Telegram & Discord communities.


Join Penguiana PreSale


Given the meteoric rise of meme coins like WIF, BONK, and BOME on major exchanges, Penguiana is set to follow in their footsteps, marking an unmissable chance to be part of the next big meme coin craze.


About Penguiana


Penguiana is a pioneering meme coin project on the Solana blockchain, designed to integrate the fun of meme culture with the profitability and engagement of a play-to-earn blockchain game. By leveraging Solana’s high throughput and low transaction costs, Penguiana aims to provide a seamless and immersive gaming experience that also rewards its players.


Stay Updated By Following Penguiana On Social Media




X: https://twitter.com/penguinaonsol

Telegram: https://t.me/penguiana




Name: Zan Kowalski


Email: contact@penguiana.com

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