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Solo – Embracing the Darkness to Find a New Light

Rishi Suri, A Textiles and Apparel Value Chain business development strategist with 26 years experience. He is currently working with a multinational organisation and is based in Hong Kong for past 8 years. Rishi has recently authored and published a book named SOLO. 

SOLO is the first attempt by Rishi at Storytelling and is broadly based on true events that happened around COVID. He went through some of the extremely challenging experiences that led Rishi to improvise and pen SOLO.

SOLO is the depiction of hope through despair in the most challenging situation. On the surface, Solo is about the uncertainty and challenges of a road journey but on a deeper dimension it depicts how some incidents can take away hope and direction from life and what it takes to find the connect that is must for living life with vigour and passion. 

Vedant Malik a season professional, an NRI who goes through personal tragedies, gradually slips into hopelessness and then suddenly leaves home one night without any destination in mind. From Delhi he embarks on a solo road journey up north towards Himalayas. He decides to keep driving through Himalayas and only rest at nights but the turn of the events makes him change his plan multiple times. As the roads in Himalayas are treacherous, he puts his life in real danger couple of times. When Hopelessness is the only driving rather dragging force there are tiny little signs to take a leap of faith and keep moving. During the journey he receives unexpected help from strangers that helps in the continuity of the journey. When he is at the lowest point in the journey, he meets a Spiritual Guru. As the luck would have it, Guru takes Vedant under his wings and not only helps him to overcome the grief but also lets Vedant to dive deep within himself and get back that missing connect.

This book is for anyone who is going through challenges in life and looking for solution. The book has an important message which we often tend to forget, no matter how bad is the situation, how thin is the courage and how low is the confidence, DO NOT GIVE UP.

Rishi Suri is a passionate traveller and has been to 35 countries in last 2 decades. He has published number of blogs in the past and plans to continue writing and share stories in the future.


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