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“BharatERP: Revolutionizing Financial Management for MSMEs in India’s Northeast”

The key to a successful business is ‘Financial Manangement.’ Despite knowing this fact many business owners are not careful enough to manage their finances in the best way possible.

An important factor in managing a business is ‘Financial Asset Management’, and this is where business owners face the utmost challenges. To ease the process, many try to use online tools, but sometimes these online tools can be very confusing, and also, in most of the Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities, there can be hurdles regarding internet services. When they cannot get a better online or offline system, they tend to hire expert accountants or try to manage their finances well, and then, running their business properly becomes tough.


Therefore, to solve this business issue, ‘BharatERP’ was founded in 2023 by Dulon Bora in Assam (Northeast), to help business owners run their businesses more effectively and professionally. BharatERP is developed and marketed by Openlogic Business Solution Pvt Ltd. In addition, this billing software turned out to be a lifesaver for MSME business owners, particularly in the Northeast region in terms of running their businesses properly. 

Remarkable Contribution:

BharatERP, has significantly contributed to the growth of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the Northeast region over the years. Its features and user-friendly interface have empowered businesses in this area, enabling them to streamline their financial operations and enhance productivity. BharatERP’s role in facilitating efficient accounting and billing processes has been pivotal in fostering economic development and entrepreneurship within the Northeastern states. As a result of its success in the Northeast region, BharatERP is now poised to expand beyond this region. The software’s proven track record and positive impact on businesses have gathered attention and demand from other parts of the country. Recognizing the need for effective financial management tools across diverse industries, BharatERP is strategically targeting new markets to further empower MSMEs and enterprises nationwide.

Future-oriented Planning:

BharatERP is committed to providing innovative solutions that cater to the changing needs of businesses across India. To support growth and efficiency in various sectors and contribute to the overall economic advancement of the nation, BharatERP plans to expand its reach beyond the Northeast.

Prominent Aspects:

BharatERP helps to take control of business operations, and it fixes the challenges of traditional billing methods by making them more efficient and accurate. In addition to offering an accounting and billing solution, it also provides other benefits such as – Inventory control, Automated reporting, customer and vendor management, invoice generation, barcode management and generation, secure data management, E-way Bill generation, and lastly it provides a user-friendly interface. Also, the users can customize the dashboard and other features according to their requirements. This software doesn’t need any access to the internet, which is an advantage for the cities facing internet hurdles.

Fostering National Growth:

BharatERP is like a miracle to the MSME owners in India. Out of all the accounting software in the market, BharatERP is unique in all its benefits and services. So far, the business owners had been using different applications for different purposes, which definitely increases the cost and effort. But by using the easy-one-stop solution software ‘BharatERP’, business owners can easily manage their finances and get creative as well. This software proves to be a Game-Changer for many small businesses.

When the GST rules were introduced, the business owners found it to be very confusing to manage their finances and hence they had to hire some professional accountants. But now, with the BharatERP software getting your GST report is an easy task. You can get the report directly from the software in government prescribed format in Excel.

This shows that BharatERP has built itself with its unique features by taking into consideration, the problems of the business owners.

BharatERP is an offline accounting software which serves as an important tool mostly for the Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities in India. This software is particularly for the desktop and has everything that an MSME business owner is looking for, from generating invoices in few clicks to navigating through stacks without any manual calculations.


Lastly, it can be stated that no other accounting software can help you to uplift your business and manage your finances, the way BharatERP does. The software can be downloaded from this URL – (https://bharat-erp.com/software/billing-software.html). It is available in English. Choosing BharatERP will be your best choice to uplift your financial management and to make your business a successful one.

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