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“Life is a Game, Play it Well” – Priti Rai’s Motivating Philosophy at JECRC 90.8 FM.

Jaipur Rajasthan (14th May 2024) – The airwaves recently welcomed Priti Rai, a trailblazing life coach, entrepreneur, and former model whose multifaceted journey has inspired many. In an engaging interview conducted by Shivangi Singer on JECRC 90.8 FM radio, Priti Rai shared her remarkable life experiences, providing a compelling glimpse into her transition from the glamorous world of modeling to her current role as a purpose-driven life coach. 


Born and raised in Nagpur, Priti Rai’s professional journey began nearly a decade ago when she embarked on a career as a fashion model. However, her boundless ambition soon led her to explore new avenues, transitioning into acting, where she featured in a few movies and TV serials. “I realized that modeling and acting alone could not fulfill me,” Priti Rai reflected. “I needed to find a path that would allow me to make a deeper impact and find true meaning in my work.” 


This realization prompted her foray into the corporate world, where she honed her skills as a sourcing director for an American firm. But it was her profound love for travel that ultimately unlocked her current passion as a life coach and travel photographer. “Since 2016, I started traveling extensively,” she explained. “Meeting new people, experiencing diverse cultures, and witnessing breathtaking scenery opened my eyes to countless opportunities and allowed me to grow both personally and professionally.”


 A pivotal moment cemented Priti Rai’s path as a travel photographer during her time working in Japan. A curator, captivated by her stunning images from the Amalfi Coast, offered to purchase the rights to her photographs, recognizing their artistic merit. This unexpected validation ignited her confidence, and she has since sold her work to hotels and private collectors worldwide. However, Priti Rai’s true passion lies in her role as a life coach, a vocation she stumbled upon and embraced wholeheartedly. “Life coaching gives me a sense of fulfillment,” she shared. “In today’s world, many offer free advice, but few genuinely guide people towards personal growth and help them channel their energy effectively.”


 Her dedication has not gone unnoticed, as she was recently honored with the prestigious “Best Life Coach” award by Films Today. With humility, Priti Rai expressed gratitude for the recognition, emphasizing her commitment to guiding and empowering clients on their journeys of self-discovery. 


Throughout the interview, her zest for life and belief in embracing new experiences shone through. She encouraged listeners, especially young people, to step out of comfort zones and embark on solo travel adventures. “When you travel alone, you are forced to engage with new people and cultures, which broadens your perspective and fosters personal growth,” she advised.

Priti Rai also touched upon social media’s impact on youth, cautioning against presenting idealized facades to impress others. “Social media can be a double-edged sword,” she warned. “While offering a platform to share meaningful experiences, it can perpetuate comparison and inauthenticity.” She advocated for mindful usage and encouraged prioritizing self-awareness and authenticity. 


Asked about navigating life’s complexities, her wise words resonated. “There will be times when you feel stuck or overwhelmed,” she acknowledged. “In those moments, acknowledge your emotions, seek support if needed, but never lose sight of your vision and persevere.” She emphasized self-care practices like journaling, exercise, and listening to motivational speakers. 


Priti Rai’s life coaching approach is grounded in fostering trust and confidentiality with clients. “Whenever someone comes to me, we sign a contract ensuring their privacy is protected,” she explained. “This establishes a safe space to open up and work through challenges without fear of judgment or breach of trust.” 


As the interview concluded, Priti Rai left listeners inspired by her remarkable journey and unwavering commitment to personal growth. Her energy, resilience, and ability to adapt to life’s ebbs and flows serve as a powerful reminder that one’s path need not be linear or conventionally defined. 


“My experiences, from being a waitress to working in entertainment, taught me the value of perseverance and seizing opportunities,” she shared. “Those formative years instilled core values that continue guiding me today.” 


Priti Rai’s engaging presence and thought-provoking interview have undoubtedly sparked renewed purpose and motivation within all who witnessed her inspiring story. Her journey serves as a testament to embracing passions, persevering through challenges, and using one’s gifts to empower and guide others on their paths to fulfillment.

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