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Top 10 Multitasking Supermoms in India – Organized by Kiteskraft Productions LLP

Celebrating a mother who adeptly balances various responsibilities and tasks. Kiteskraft Productions LLP congratulates everyone and wishes them well in their future endeavours!

Kiteskraft Productions LLP proudly acknowledges Individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and expertise in the field of education, fostering outcome-based learning that positively impacts on everyone’s lives.

Top 10 Multitasking Supermoms in India :-

1.Amb.  Dr. Sanipina Jayalakshmi Rao – Amb. Dr. Sanipina Jayalakshmi Rao, a   distinguished Personality as Global Achiever, holds a multitude of esteemed titles and accolades. She serves as the Ambassador of the World Human Rights Protection Commission and holds the prestigious position of Facebook Super Editor. With a remarkable career spanning various domains, including education, social activism, and authorship, she has received over 100 national and international awards. Among her notable recognitions are the Rastriya Padma Bhushan Samman Awards 2023, International Iconic Award 2022-2024, and the Bharat Ratna Dr. B.R Ambedkar Bharat Bhushan Award 2023. Her contributions as an international icon continue to inspire and uplift countless individuals across diverse fields

3.Dr. ( Smt. ) Eshwari Prabhakar – Dr. (Smt.) Eshwari Prabhakar, a mother and educator, takes immense pride in nurturing her children alongside her supportive husband. Emphasizing good manners, ethics, and values from their early years laid a strong foundation. Both her daughter, now a doctor, and son, an engineer, attended the same school, filling her with gratitude for their success. Working together, she and her husband equipped them with tools and values to navigate life’s challenges. Being the best mom means instilling values for a fulfilling life. Their achievements reflect the shared journey. “The influence of a mother in the lives of her children is beyond calculation.” – James E. Faust.

4.Dr. Nishi Mathur – Dr. Nishi Mathur, Head of Botany and Biotechnology at Mahila P.G. Mahavidyalaya, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, brings 30 years of teaching experience. She has authored 105 research papers with 1450 citations and led eight government-funded projects. Recognized by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission in 1998, she’s received four post-doctoral fellowships from institutions like CSIR, DST, and UGC. Three of her students earned Ph.D.s under her guidance. She’s acclaimed with awards such as Bharat Shiksha Ratna, Rajiv Gandhi Excellency, and APSI Gold Medal. Dr. Nishi Mathur is a Fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences, and her research includes 10 gene bank accession numbers submitted to NCBI, USA.

5.Mrs. Shilpa Mittal –Home baking embodies more than a pastime; it’s a lifestyle marked by joy, creativity, and the enticing aroma of fresh baked goods. Amrit, now a devoted daily patron, reminisces about being Shilpa’s inaugural client. She, an outstanding baker and cherished friend, triumphed over adversity to establish her home bakery with limited support. From humble beginnings to thriving success, her journey showcases resilience and unwavering dedication. Throughout the pandemic, Shilpa’s treats became symbols of comfort and delight. Amrit’s initial order for her daughter’s cake forged a lasting bond. Shilpa’s commitment to spreading happiness through her culinary creations garners praise and loyal customers like Amrit.

7.Priyanka Kathait – Hailing from Garhwal and now residing in Dehradun, Priyanka Kathait found her writing muse amidst the breathtaking landscapes of New Tehri. Armed with postgraduate degrees in Botany and Education from HNB Garhwal University Campus, Srinagar, she initially pursued a teaching career. However, driven by her passion for writing, she transitioned into authorship. With dedication and perseverance, she honed her craft, delving into the literary realm. Priyanka Kathait’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of pursuing one’s passions, showcasing the beauty of embracing creativity and venturing into new horizons, regardless of the challenges encountered along the way.

8.Dr. C. Sujitha Deva Vishnu – Dr. C. Sujitha Deva Vishnu embodies India’s evolving women’s empowerment narrative. Transitioning from academia to agri-entrepreneurship, she champions healthy living and empowers farmers. With dual master’s degrees in electrical engineering and business management, she’s a published scholar and former professor. Her influence spans social activism, food blogging, beauty entrepreneurship, and authorship, earning her national and international accolades, including an honorary doctorate. Notable awards include the Big Red National Entrepreneur Award 2022 and Asian Icon Awards’ Lifetime Achievement Award 2023. Her ethos, encapsulated by resilience, integrity, and gratitude, inspires a brighter future.

9.Dr. Gudapati Nirmala – Dr. Nirmala Gudapati, born April 7, 1973, is a single woman with two sisters. Her educational journey spans diverse fields, from medicine to social work. A Stanley Medical College graduate, she obtained a Bachelor of Social Work from IGNO and a Diploma in Hospital Administration from Brazil. Her extensive career includes roles as Founder and President of SHEEP NGO and Managing Trustee of Prem Nivas Charitable Trust. Recognized for her service, she’s received numerous awards, including the Indian Icon Award for Girl Child Education. Dr. Gudapati’s dedication to social welfare through SHEEP NGO continues to inspire change and upliftment in society

10.Dr. Priti Shrimal – Dr. Priti Shrimal, an esteemed educationist, sees challenges as pathways to success. With a PhD in Education and a Masters in English and Educational Administration, she boasts 30+ years of experience in various educational roles. As Principal of an ICSE school in Vadodara, she champions futurism, uniqueness, and excellence in education. Her accolades include the Acharya Devo Bhava Award, Education Icon Award, and Avantika A.P.J Abdul Kalam Award. Under her guidance, her school has earned distinctions such as Top ICSE School in the city and School Excellence Awards. Driven by her vision, she continually shapes the educational landscape with innovation and leadership.

11.Dr. Lily Aye Terangpi –Dr. Lily Aye Terangpi, an Assistant Professor at Diphu Government College, epitomizes perseverance and dedication. With over 15 years in higher education, she’s lauded for her diligence and commitment. Initially joining due to a shortage of teachers, she delved into teaching, eventually completing her Doctorate and becoming a certified lecturer. A member of esteemed educational associations, she’s authored numerous publications addressing societal issues. Notably, during the pandemic, she facilitated a successful seminar on value education via Zoom, highlighting her adaptability. Dr. Terangpi’s relentless pursuit of knowledge and contribution to education exemplify the ethos of hard work and success.

12.Dr. Florence Helen Nalini – Dr. Florence Helen Nalini, a dynamic Educationist and passionate Psychologist from Chennai, leads Shreya’s Global Academy, focusing on early childhood education. As Chairperson of the All Ladies League and a Council member of the Women Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, she empowers women entrepreneurs. A bestselling author, her book on self-discovery supports underprivileged children and women with disabilities. She is a sought-after speaker at TEDx, Josh Talks, and PSAI. She recently set a world record for the largest educational rights walkathon rally. A Behavioral Trainer, Fitness Enthusiast, Language Trainer, her interests in dance styles varies like Kathak, Bharatanatyam, and Salsa, embodying versatility. Her modeling for Indian brands and presence at the Paris Fashion Week highlight her international acclaim. Featured in over 150 media outlets including BBC and Times of India, Dr. Nalini’s impact resonates far and wide, inspiring countless individuals.

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