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Physics Wallah Marks Success in ICSE Results: 550+ Students Achieve 90% and Above

May 15, New Delhi: Physics Wallah (PW), a leading ed-tech company known for changing the face of education in India by democratizing it at scale, has announced outstanding results of its students in the ICSE Class 10th examinations. Over 350 PW students scored above the 90% mark, and 200+ students secured scores above the 95% threshold. 


Leading the ranks are Divya Katariya (99%), Koustuv Aich (98.8%), Suvojeet Sengupta (98.8%), Amav Gupta (98.2%), Ritika Gupta (98.2%), Ashish Kumar (98.2%), Azad Ansari (97.8%), Shambhavi (97.8%), Shashank Shekhar (97.6%), Ayushi Gupta (97.4%), Prachi Priya (97.4%), Arsh Shastri (97.4%), Sanskar Tagade(97.2%), Harshit Garg (97%), Sreyan (97%), Shantanu Shukla (96.8%), Abhimanyu Ray (96.8%), and Arpan Dhara (96.6%), among others, who have set benchmarks with their stellar performances from Physics Wallah’s Victory 2024 batch for class 10th ICSE board.


Alakh Pandey, Founder and CEO of PW, said, “Our students have displayed exceptional academic excellence, which is a direct result of the commitment and guidance provided by our dedicated teachers. At PW, we take immense pride in nurturing young minds and playing a pivotal role in shaping their academic journeys towards success. This remarkable achievement reinforces our commitment to providing accessible, high-quality education that empowers students to unlock their full potential.”


About Physics Wallah (PW)

Physics Wallah (PW) is a leading Indian EdTech company founded in 2020, and headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. PW is democratizing education on a massive scale in India, with a presence spanning online, offline, and hybrid modes, reaching 98% of India’s pin codes. PW is reshaping India’s educational landscape by providing free quality education to more than 4.6 crores of students through its more than 100 YouTube channels in 5 vernacular languages. Starting as a YouTube channel in 2014, PW became a Unicorn in 2022 and now it has more than 45 lakh paid students, and 3 crore app downloads on the PW App. PW has expanded into 28 test prep categories and a skilling vertical, with over 79 tech-enabled Vidyapeeth (offline) and 48 Pathshala (hybrid) centers across the country. PW is students’ lifelong learning partner, empowering them throughout their educational trajectory, from a student to self-sufficient skilled professionals.

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