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Gujarat State Sports Ecosystem is gearing up !

The Corporate Volleyball League (CVL) is envisioned by the L J University, powered by L J Institute of Sports Management, approved by the Gujarat State Volleyball Association, and supported by Ahmedabad District Volleyball Association and NRS Foundation, which strives to give a platform for one and all to grow and showcase their talent. 

Members from Gujarat State Volleyball Association and Ahmedabad District Volleyball Association that have supported the league are; Shree N G Patel, Dr Kamlesh Patel, Shree Ramanbhai Patel, Shree K M Modi, Shree Ramesh Patel, Shree Narendra Kshatriya, Shree Jagdish Patel, Shree Umesh Pathak, Shree Babulal Patel, Shree Suresh Parmar, Shree Amrish Shah, Shree Suresh Patel and Dr Maulin Patel.


Volleyball is a major growing sport with a great need for spirit, grit and passion. CVL’s mission is to give budding players a pedestal to upgrade themselves and play a professional-level league. This experience would continue with them for a lifetime and become a part of their DNA. CVL’s vision is to take this league to new heights with every passing season and revitalize the sport of Volleyball. 


The CVL has 8 participating franchises to be a part of this league and build their team through an auction process that would eventually compete against the other 7 teams in a league structure. Participating teams in the league are; Aaj Falcons, Ahmedabad Stunners, Anushri Titans, Bentlay Shooters, ORG Champions, N G Smashers, Rang Blasters and Swastik Stormers. Each franchise is bought for a franchise fee of INR 2 lakhs. This year, the infrastructure and location of CVL have gotten a huge upgrade with state-of-the-art facilities at the New L J Institute of Engineering & Technology, Sindhu Bhavan Road. 



The league has over 180 players who give trials to get shortlisted for a chance to receive bids in the auction process. Each team gets an auction purse of INR 1,31,000 lakhs to purchase 11 players each from a pool of 6 International players, 43 Senior Nationalist & National Medalists and 72 National & State-level players. This year’s auction saw more than INR 10 lakhs distributed amongst 88 International, National & State – Level players as auction money.  


The highest bid players of CVL – Season 3 were; Manoj Chaudhary – INR 36,500, Harsh Chaudhary – INR 33,500, Himil Patel – INR 31,000, Shailendra Singh – INR 30,000 and Kamal Chaudhary – INR 28,500. 


The finals were played between ORG Champions and Swastik Stormers on the 12th of May 2024, where Swastik Stormers were the runners-up and won INR 75,000 & ORG Champions were the tournament winners, winning INR 1,50,000. Individual awards were also distributed during the closing ceremony; Player of the Final – Jehan Malek, Best Setter – Jehan Malek, Best Attacker – Vishal Chitroda, Best Universal – Choudhary, Best Blocker – Rohit Karwasra, Best Libero – Izhar Malek and Most Valuable Player of the League – Pawan Singh. 


‘’This kind of leagues are required to promote less popular sports in the state. Volleyball  Association and Sports Authorities are supporting this kind of tournaments. Players have started taking volleyball seriously. Now Corporates and Government have started  placing them in the job but still many miles to go.’’ Said Viral Shah, League Organiser.


‘’I have not seen this kind of matches and specially final match where audience is decent, venue is premium and quality of play is at par with any international match’’ said Mr N G Patel, President of Gujarat State Volleyball Association.

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