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CREDAI-MCHI commits to sustainability on World Environment Day; supports Phoenix Foundation to plant bamboos on ten lakh hectares of land

Mumbai, June 6, 2024 — CREDAI-MCHI, the leading real estate body in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), marked World Environment Day with an Environmental Exhibition at the Yashwantrao Chavan Centre in Mumbai. This significant event, organized in collaboration with The Phoenix Foundation, also saw the release of the book “Kalpavriksha Bamboo”.


The exhibition was graced by the presence of eminent personalities like Shri. Uday Samant, Minister of Industries of Maharashtra; Boman Irani, President, CREDAI; Mr. Pasha Patel, President, Agriculture Price Commission; Domnic Romell, President, CREDAI-MCHI; Padmashri awardee Bhushan Tyagi; Dr. Rati Nadir Godrej from the Godrej Industries Group; Mr. Sandeep Bajoria, Chairman, All India Cottonseed Crushers’ Association; Mrs. Feroza Dadan, first cycling mayor of Mumbai and promoter of Smart Commute Foundation, Mrs. Neha Gupta and Mr. Vineet of international fashion business exchange council.


Maharashtra has been a leader in environmental initiatives, with significant efforts like planting bamboo on ten lakh hectares of land, forming India’s first Environmental Task Force, and launching campaigns such as “Green Maharashtra,” “Jalyukt Maharashtra,” and “My Earth.” These initiatives reflect the state’s commitment to sustainability. 


Shri. Uday Samant, Minister of Industries for Maharashtra, stated, “Our Hon’ble Chief Minister Eknath Shinde ji asked me to meet with Mr. Pasha Patel to discuss the cultivation and industrial use of bamboo. This initiative will not only benefit the industry by promoting sustainable products and reducing the carbon footprint but also support our farmers. We will explore this opportunity and make the necessary decisions for the betterment of all.”


Recent extreme temperature spikes, such as 50 degrees Celsius in Churu, Rajasthan, and 52.9 degrees Celsius in Delhi, highlight the urgent need for substantial environmental efforts. Predictions of temperatures reaching up to 60 degrees Celsius stress the critical importance of immediate action in environmental preservation.


Mr. Boman Irani, President, CREDAI mentioned, “The rising temperatures and water scarcity in multiple states across India are major concerns that demand immediate action. We recognize the importance of integrating sustainable materials options like steel, wood, bamboo, and bamboo wood. By adopting sustainable solutions, we aim to build resilient communities that can withstand and adapt to the growing environmental challenges we face today. This event is a step towards achieving the target of net zero or carbon neutrality by 2047″


Mr. Domnic Romell, President of CREDAI-MCHI, emphasized the organization’s dedication to sustainable development, stating, “CREDAI-MCHI is committed to fostering a healthier environment through sustainable practices. Our Environmental Exhibition on World Environment Day demonstrates this commitment. We are actively promoting the use of bamboo in construction and green building to create a greener, more sustainable future for the MMR and beyond.”


Mr. Pasha Patel, President, Agriculture Price Commission stated, “To ensure a healthy future for our next generations, we must act now to save the environment. Nature is already showing the side effects of global warming. We need to adopt eco-friendly energy sources and plant more trees. Bamboo, being a fast-growing plant and great energy source, can significantly benefit the environment when integrated into our daily lives.”


A key feature of the event was the seminar “Kalpavriksha Bamboo,” hosted by the Sustainable Environment Council 2024. The seminar explored the traditional uses and ecological benefits of bamboo, urging developers to adopt sustainable materials and practices in construction.


CREDAI-MCHI called on developers to incorporate bamboo products in their projects, highlighting bamboo as a renewable and sustainable alternative to conventional building materials. Additionally, the organization encouraged the pursuit of LEED certification to promote energy-efficient, green building standards.


The event aimed to address escalating environmental challenges and foster collective efforts towards sustainable development, inviting environmental enthusiasts to join the “Action Plan” to combat climate change and ensure a sustainable future for all.




Phoenix Foundation Sanstha (Trust) established in the year of 2008, envisions the all-round development of the Marathwada region promoting happiness, prosperity, and well-being of its people, especially farmers. 


Phoenix Foundation aims to provide opportunities for rural youth from the Marathwada region to access education, technology, and research so as to create a critical mass of human resources.




CREDAI-MCHI is an apex body comprising members from the Real Estate Industry in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). With an impressive membership of over 1800+ leading developers in MMR, CREDAI-MCHI has extended its reach throughout the region, establishing units in various locations such as Thane, Kalyan-Dombivli, Mira-Virar, Raigad, Navi Mumbai, Palghar-Boisar, Bhiwandi, Uran-Dronagiri, Shahapur-Murbad, and most recently in Alibag, Karjat-Khalapur-Khopoli, and Pen. Being the only Government-recognized body for private sector developers in MMR, CREDAI-MCHI is dedicated to promoting the industry’s organization and progress. 


As a part of CREDAI National, an apex body of 13000 developers across the nation, CREDAI-MCHI has emerged as a preferred platform for regional discussions on housing and habitat by establishing close and strong ties with the government. It is committed to breaking barriers to create a strong, organized, and progressive real estate sector in the MMR.The vision of CREDAI-MCHI is to empower the Real Estate fraternity of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region as it preserves, protects, and advances the right to housing for all. To continue being a trusted ally, guiding their members, supporting the Government on policy advocacy, and assisting those they serve through the ever-evolving real estate fraternity.


Website: https://mchi.net/ 

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